European Ag-Tech Startup Supporters

You are an upcoming European AgTech Startup or a founder with a great idea and looking for the best matching support? We got you a handful.

Find the best support for your ag-tech startup

Starting a new business is no easy task. It takes a lot of courage, blood, sweat and tears. But luckily there are quiet a few supporters out there, that can help you on your journey to a successful business. Ranging from communities and coaching to financial support and investment, they have a broad range of offerings. To help you find the best match, we put together a list of support organizations in ag-tech with a special focus on the DACH-region.
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"offerings" tags explained

The best way to navigate the list might be to filter by the offerings you are looking for. We tagged all supporters with a system of offering tags. Other than that, feel free to filter and search by your location or phase as well.


This organization has the possibility and intent to invest in your startup. Investment usually means a larger amount of money in exchange for equity.

access to capital

Gives you access to capital e.g. through pitch events or a network of investors.


You can get money in the form of grants, fellowships or price money. You don't have to give equity or shares in return.


You can profit from a larger community of other founders and startups.


A coach will help you along your way, but he can't show you the right way. Through workshops or one-on-one sessions you will learn important methods and tools and you will get guidance.


Office space, workshops, labs you can often use for free or for a small rent.


Office space that is designed for co-working. It's hard to differentiate between office space and co-working.

access to test farms

This organization will help you gain access to farmers that are willing to test your product.

expert network

You can't be expert in everything. This organization will have experts at hand for many questions from business to farming.

validation services

You will get hands-on help with early stage validation of your product idea. Is it really what customers want? Is there a market?

Did we miss anything?

Please help us with this list! We and all the others would highly appreciate if you either correct information on the list or add new supporters of European Ag-Tech startups, that are not on this list yet.

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This list was created in a joint effort to help European Ag-Tech Startups and upcoming entrepreneurs find the right support system. The information provided here are based on public available information. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information, but we listen and correct to the best of our abilities.
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